Friday, 17 July 2009

Not plane spotting

On Wednesday, I and a friend did not go plane spotting at Edinburgh airport.

We didn't. We went plane observing. Honestly. He had a new camera to try out and I brought a flask of tea. I couldn't believe it when a genuine plane spotter came and asked us "if we got the reg of that little Swiss twin turbo that came in about half an hour ago?" I was gobsmacked. They do exist.
It was a great day out. We had a flask of tea and filled rolls and saw some lovely aircraft close-up.

My friend (who wishes to remain strictly anonymous) got some really good photographs, despite the changing weather conditions which went from glorious sunshine to an electrical storm, dark grey skies and lashing rain.


  1. Farnair ATR 42 - HB-AFD for anyone else needing the registration number....Anon

  2. Ha Ha! They're everywhere!

  3. Just for the record that EasyJet 737 wasn't taken at misleading is that!!

  4. Correct! I got that picture of the web as I haven't yet got copies of yours!!