Sunday, 6 September 2009

New floor

I'm assured that some of you are interested in houses. You know, the sort of things that people get done to their homes, etc. etc.. Yep, I know guys, probably better to skip this bit and read the next section. For those of you still reading, we had a new floor put down in the hall, yesterday. The reason for this is that we live in an area where there is a lot of muck and dirt about and it's all to easy to walk this in to the house. The other reason is we wanted to do it! It's an oak floor with a lacquered finish and it looks great - see the photo (remember to click to see the full size pic).
The feature which I like best, is the recessed door mat (you can see this in the picture). The new floor stops short of the door by about two-thirds of a metre and the door mat was cut to size to drop into this recess. The benefit of this is that it's a good thick mat, it doesn't move when you step on it or obstruct the door, and also that it encourages everyone to wipe their feet as they enter. I saw this in a show home (don't ask me how I ended up in a show home!) and thought it a great idea. It took a little phoning around to locate a carpet shop that stocked it and then it was simple to tell them the exact size and get them to cut it for me (Susie would like me to point out that I did none of this except go and pick the thing up!...but, it was my idea!!). Easy. Next time you pop out to visit you can wipe your own feet on it and test it yourself!


  1. Floor is looking good!

    Great to see you both on Saturday. Hope Lucy wasn't too traumatised!


  2. Great to see you all too! Hope all the hammering didn't disturb you too much. Lucy takes it all in her stride. The kids are looking great. BW to Andy