Monday, 15 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Susie got the best Mother's Day gift she could ever have asked for!
It went something like this....Susie's twin sister Pauline had flown up from home, near Aylesbury, at the weekend really as a surprise to me for my birthday. This was supposedly the last in a series of surprises that Susie had arranged (with some noteable accomplices). Susie was dropping Pauline at Glasgow Airport around evening Church service time when she got a call to ask her if she would mind popping into the Church on the way home to 'collect something'. Susie probably guessed that this was a late prezzy for me...they just keep coming!
So, she arrived at the Church to find our good friend Anne (feigning?) a phonecall in the foyer (truth was she wanted to witness the next part). Into the light stepped our dear son, Matthew whom we believed to be still in Afghanistan with the army. With the words "Happy Mother's Day!" and a hug he gave Susie the best present she could ever have asked for! Of course, Anne was there to witness Susie dissolving into tears and sobbing into Matthew's chest! Of course, then he arrived home here....and I went through a similar experience! Enjoy the break, Matthew.
Would you believe it Susie? the army managed to arrange this all by themselves!


  1. I was nearly sobbing as I read your blog post! It was great to see Matthew last night, and I can only imagine how happy you and Susie must have been to see him again.

    Hope you have a great time with him while he is home.

  2. must admit to a teary eye myself Rosalind, what a story, welcome home Matthew.

  3. there will never be another mother's day like it....ever

  4. It was a real classy surprise!