Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Seven weeks!

Including the week I had off work for my birthday, I've now been off work for almost seven weeks! The numbness and associate problems I previously mentioned have improved a good bit, but annoyingly my lower legs and feet are still affected so walking is still a bit difficult. I'm seeing the doc again this week, so that will be good to touch base with the medical profession and see where I stand.
In the interim, there has been lots taking place. We decided to get a timber floor laid in the lounge as the joiner we have used quite a lot contacted us to let us know that the oak flooring was on special offer and now was a good time to order it. When we did our sums it turned out that we were saving a lot of money if we got this done now. Then I had a thought that if we wanted any electrical alterations done now was a good time, before a shiny new floor was laid. So, we had an electrician in last week putting in a few additional sockets and by special request a couple of floor sockets so that laptop cables wouldn't have to stretch half-way across our fairly large lounge. I'm hoping to successfully get surround sound audio cables in too (I've got a couple of them in already) before the floor is laid on Saturday. Once it's all done you will all have to come and have a look!
Some of the time I've found quite useful in getting a few things done and up to date, like putting audio and video tapes onto CD or DVD, but the days have been quite long, if I'm honest. I miss my daily chats with friends and miss the students banter and the general feeling of having people round about. When we moved out to this house three and a half years ago it seemed like a great idea with the potential for country walks, cycling and the rest. Now, it's easy to feel a bit stranded as the road outside is not suited to pedestrians - especially, one who is rather slow and cumbersome on his feet!
The good news is that we spoke to Matthew this evening on Skype in Afghanistan. Using Susie's netbook, we were able to show him alterations in the lounge and the bare floor boards we've been living on for a few weeks now (including a few holes to allow cables to be fed through)! It's good to know that he's ok.
I'm on Skype as 'anwothdad' if you want to search for me. I'll have to get a new mic, though, as my fairly new one has stopped working - so give me until the weekend to get that sorted - then please call!!
OK, I'll leave the reports there for now. I'll put a photo on too to brighten things up!
Best wishes to you all and thanks for reading. P

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  1. By the way, that's Matthew my son in the photo (or more accurately, in the funnel)and not me!