Friday, 3 September 2010

Susie's 50th birthday is approaching!

Susie, my wife, has always wanted a personalised registration number, what the Americans call a licence plate. I've given in! We bought it now even although her birthday isn't for another four months. She's delighted with it and will transfer the number onto her car sometime soon. Here it is:


  1. Happy Birthday to Susie from way-down-under.
    Paul - reading your recent posts I went to my oldtime mentor, Samuel Rutherford, from whom I learn so much.

    > 'He taketh the bairns in His arms when they come to a deep water; at least, when they lose ground, and are put to swim, then His hand is under their chin.'

    'My shallow and ebb thoughts are not the compass Christ saileth by. I leave His ways to Himself, for they are far, far above me There are windings and to's and fro's in His ways, which blind bodies like us cannot see.'


  2. Thanks, Nan. I read your comment some days back but forgot to reply! Samuel Rutherford's writings are so good. I love them. We've also visited his grave in St Andrews a number of times. I hope all is well with you.