Monday, 23 February 2009

To my surprise...

I didn't get to any Church services this weekend as had a virus on top of everything else and had to stay off work today. But, Susie got my blog announced at Church on Sunday morning and lo and behold I now have 10 people following my blog. I can't believe it!

What I want to make sure is that this blog is not a place where I update you on my woes! I actually don't feel I've got any - just challenges to overcome!

I was reading "The Key to Everything" this morning by Norman Grubb and he says the exact same thing: "This is what (the Christian) life is basically: Another living His life in me. You've got the key to everything. Every problem becomes an opportunity. Every tough spot becomes a chance to enjoy the luxury of seeing Him deliver us out of it. And you welcome such spots."

So, let this blog be the beginning of things. He may deliver me out of my illness or He may not.
That's fine with me. What He will do, whether I'm healed or not, is to 'deliver' me into a new place in Him where it doesn't matter what happens to this body anyway. And all for His glory.


  1. Paul, you really are such an inspiration. May God bless you.

  2. Hi Paul, Great idea about writing this blog.. Often see you from a distance and by the time I get anywhere near you, to ask how you are, you have others speaking to you..I hope during this time of trial that God will richly bless you and bring you closer to himself.. Your positivity in the above input is encouraging for us all! Hang in there and God Bless you!
    PS i always notice when your not there and you're missed!

  3. I appreciated your comment so much "to 'deliver' me into a new place in Him where it doesn't matter what happens to this body" that I wanted to put in a comment too. I'm so interested to read your blogspot. Thanks for being an inspiration and a blessing to others (well, me, to be precise).