Sunday, 22 February 2009

Roman Fort

Alan Martin, from the Struther's Church near London is staying with us this weekend. Yesterday we decided to go out for a short time, and after going on a small errand to Kirkintilloch we decided to go to see if the Roman remains at Croy or Twechar were easily accessible. From Kirkintilloch, you follow the signs for Kilsyth for a short distance and then turn right to Twechar. The first thing you notice about Twechar is a distinct lack of sign posts. As you arrive towards the village, the canal is on your right. There is no signpost telling you to turn right into the village! It would be all too easy to drive straight on and miss it completely. So, we turned right into the village. Part way along the road, there is a sign indicating that Barrhill Fort is a quarter of a mile walk to the left. So, we tried to find somewhere to park - problem number two!

Eventually, we parked outside some industrial units opposite and began our reasonable short walk to the fort. Next problem: It's at least a mile! And it's all uphill. Again no signposts, so luckily we came across other walkers/cyclists who directed us. Frankly, I shouldn't have walked so far and I'm paying the price now with ultra wobbly legs last night and today. When we eventually found the site, there's not a great deal to see, but we found it interesting anyway. Looking down from the site of the fort you can easily see the remnants of the Antonine wall and suddenly the history all becomes alive. The wind was blowing so hard and cold we couldn't stay too long and headed back down to the car. It was good to be out and to walk a bit - even if it was a bit too much. These sites are on our doorstep and I've never bothered stopping before. Glad I did. Tourist photos available here

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