Monday, 6 April 2009

New medication

Three, or maybe four weeks ago, I started new medication for the pain I get in my head. Just like the first lot of medication I had from May or June '08, I was supposed to build it up to the full dose over three weeks. I built it up to full strength in a week!

It made me high as a kite! I happend to see the consultant the following week and when he found out what I'd done he reminded me that I was supposed to build it up gradually. "Yes," I said "that's all very well in theory, but you don't get any pain control without the full dose!" He accepted that this was the case and said the side effects would pass after a couple of weeks. I think that's beginning to happen, although I do still feel a bit lethargic with them.

Overall though, I feel the best I've felt for ages!

I can work most of the day and don't feel so ill.

I hope this continues.....


  1. Good to hear that you are feeling better than you have been :0) It's nice seeing you out at the conference and I am looking forward to a little chat, if I can break through all the fans ;0)

  2. What is the medication called?

  3. Oh, sorry Barbara, I just spotted your comment now! I'll tell you on the phone!