Sunday, 5 April 2009

Blogging from Cornwall

Susie and I have flown down to Cornwall for a few days. We came down yesterday (Saturday 4th April) with Air Southwest, which I'd never heard of before. It was a Dash 8 turbo prop plane, which was noisy, but OK. The staff were wonderful in Glasgow and Newquay. I gave in to Susie and used the wheelchair in both airports. I was a bit embarrassed, but, the service we got was excellent and were taken through a different way for security checks and didn't have to wait in any queues. When we arrived in Newquay, we were escorted to the baggage reclaim carousel with one of the ground staff then carrying our cases to the exit from the airport, where a young chap from the car hire company then carried them to the little Corsa we've hired for the week. The B&B is lovely. We're in a little village not for from Newquay right on the coast with a lovely beach and waves crashing onto the shore. It's good to get away for a while and I hope that Susie is able to unwind and find it relaxing. I am keen that this short holiday also gives us time to look ahead to the future and find a new vision for the way forward. Watch this space!
Last night we took an evening walk down onto the beach and as usual, Susie had her camera. Here's a lovely shot she took of the evening retiring into night...

A couple of weeks ago, during the time that both of us were unwell with viral infections, I read a short online sermon from Charles G. Finney. I'll talk about that in the next post. Meanwhile, here's another picture of Cornwall taken by Susie yesterday evening (you can guess who's in the picture!):

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