Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Building works

Stirling Council have given me a grant to get some alterations done (I do pay a proportion). Actually, I don't get the money and they set the specifications for which alterations take place. I thought they'd just fix a downstairs shower room, but, they said to me that the grant was only awarded once and they would identify the 'needs' and address them. So, begins the list of what they're doing: a wet room, a wider door to it, a wider front door and a ramp to provide level access at the front door. This is the bit I was most nervous about as I've seen some of the metal ramps that are built beside some houses. Anyway, that's not what they've done. They've lifted the slabs on the patio and relaid the whole thing as a ramp with an attractive retaining wall. The builders have been amazing (a private company - if anyone wants a good recommendation!). They're almost finished and it's really beginning to take shape. I've posted some photos.
Lucy tries out the new ramp

Below is the new shower room. It was amazing to watch them work and rip the room apart before rebuilding it with new floor and shower tray - then the floor gets laid on top of that and sealed at the edges.

This is the new front door from the inside. It's wider and the there's no step as you enter.


  1. The alterations look fantastic; I think you are very brave, taking all this on and keeping so cheery.!

  2. Thanks, Jane. The builders were no problem at all. When I was ill they even brought me tea in bed!

  3. they don't do it that way in my council area - you get work done as you need it but I have to be honest I don't think I have ever seen a better ramp and the shower room looks lovely too.

    Definately worth a recommendation Paul.

  4. Looks great Paul. Looking forward to seeing it (and you and Susie of course!).

  5. What a good job done! We had something similar done for us here about a year ago - our little old enclosed shower bay in the bathroom was replaced by something very like yours. The Govt. department picked up 40% of the cost. Also I was supplied with an excellent seating arrangement there - showers had previously been very exhausting for me.
    Your new front door is a blessing, and I see Lucy has already given her approval of the ramp :)
    We are enjoying your posts here - [thanks to Colin's for introducing us].

  6. Wow that looks amazing! And tea in bed too - better keep their number Paul! Sunshine makes everything a bit better it's true.