Friday, 8 May 2009

Weekly update 8th May 2009

A bit late with my weekly update, I know. Last weekend is a bit of a blur. Our 22nd wedding anniversary was Saturday, and we went out for a nice lunch to celebrate. On Sunday, dear friends Bill and Margaret took us out for a lovely lunch in a nearby restaurant. We were extremely well fed and the service was quick and courteous and the conversation good!
Then I woke up about 3am and realised I was feeling unwell (um, not related to the lovely meal, I think that this had been building up for a few days). I managed to get back to sleep, but, by 6am was really unwell with a high temp and all the usual symptoms of a gastro-intestinal bug. Work that one out yourselves!
By 9am I could not support my own weight or walk. Susie had to support me when trying to move from the bed to the toilet, etc. Even when sitting on the bed I would fall backwards and had to get Susie to support me while having a drink of water.
Other problems developed too and eventually the NHS24 service was called. They spoke to Susie first and then to me. The chap on the other end of the phone wanted me to 'come in to one of our treatment centres' - I told him I couldn't get downstairs and he eventually agreed to get a doctor to come to me. I think all the symptoms (other than the viral ones) were just an exacerbation of the MS. Whether is was the virus or the high temp (MS gets worse in high temperatures) I don't know, but, thankfully I'm a bit better now and able to walk albeit like the original rubber man! I hope my walking gets back to 'normal' (the new normal!) and I can get back to work and regular life! I'll leave it there for now and update soon.


  1. that is really scary sounding Paul, glad to hear you are on the mend.

  2. Thanks, Graham - the world will never know!