Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve 2009!

It's cold outside, nearly -12C last night - the logs are on the fire, the dog's snoring on the couch, the tree lights are on and it's really cosy inside. Perfect for Christmas!

Susie had to work right up until today. She's now sitting on the couch with the laptop on her knee. Later we go to Anne's for a Christmas Eve dinner. Yesterday I had a day with Colin B. We went for lunch to JJ's in Partick and then up to Comet to look for a pc tower. Lots of flat screened tellies, but only two pc's neither of which was appropriate. However, it was a good day. I got up this morning at 6am since I was wide awake and wrapped Susie's Christmas presents. This is a real improvement on previous years when I would wrap them at five-to-midnight on Christmas Eve and she would open them at five past midnight. They were wrapped for ten minutes!
Anyway, wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, may I wish you the happiest Christmas you've ever had and the joy of Christ in 2010! Best wishes, Paul


  1. was wondering at the mildness of your temp - until I saw the minus ( - ) in front of it! Ours here was a comfortable 11C to 19C - sunshine and blue skies.
    Enjoying your entries and photos; thanks to cjc who introduced us.
    What are you reading lately? My library books are delivered here fortnightly by a volunteer courier.
    I find that an unexpected blessing of not having a reliable short-term memory is that I can be surprised when re-reading. :)

    Celebrating His birth,
    Nan&Don - at nearly 43degS

  2. Enjoyed the arrival of all those buses...

    I applaud your NY Resolution, Paul. (Hope you remember what it was!)

    News all very heart-warming.