Sunday, 15 March 2009

"Colin can do that!"

There come certain times in the year I would describe as milestones.
Events like family birthdays and Christmas definitely fall into this category; also, when the clocks change in Spring and Autumn telling us of lighter or darker days. But, there's also another day worth mentioning - and that's the first day you can get out into the garden and start tidying things up after the winter; it's great to get out into the fresh air and get the outside work started.
Well, that was today - and I found it ever so slightly frustrating!

The reason being, that if you want to lift something or tidy something up, it's better to have two hands free! My problem is that I've usually got to hold onto something with one hand so I don't lose my balance, which leaves one hand to try to lend a hand to Susie. She
must have found this a pretty poor offer and frequently uttered the words "Just leave that, I'll get it." Or the other phrase, which is the title of this posting, "Colin can do that!"
Let me explain.

I've known Colin for a long time. He's worked at the University of Glasgow since it opened. At least it seems that way. We knew each other before I went to work at the University, and our paths do cross from time to time at work.
When Colin found out I was ill in the summer of 2007, he got in his car and arrived at our house, and he's dropped in almost every week since. His opening comment was usually a command: "Get your boots on, we're going for a walk." Or, "Let's go for a drive/coffee/lunch, etc." Lately, I've been less keen to go out so we stay at home. Usually, that is.

Me, Susie and Colin 30th May 2008

Also, Colin is very practical. He moved into a lovely new house not that long ago and last summer built decking, planted trees, elevated parts of his garden, dug trenches, etc. and generally is a one-man landscaping and
decking company.
He's been a God-send here. He's lifted things, dug holes, moved logs, and generally been a great help. He's also got a lovely cat called Justin. I'll try to get a pic to insert here. So, Susie has adopted Colin as her handyman, since she finds my one-handed attempts a bit lame! So, frequently, I hear the phrase "Colin can do that when he arrives!" Poor Colin. As soon a
s he gets out of his car he is presented with a list of jobs that need doing - and he submits willingly - and all we offer in return is a cup of tea. Thanks, Colin.


So, my frustration is that the things I used to do without thinking I can no longer do. Poor Susie has much more to do than ever before and friends who drop in, especially Colin, are asked to help out. And we really appreciate that.

So, while Susie and Colin were getting to grips with some of the chores, I put the kettle on and then watched them grafting away. One of the jobs Susie completed today was giving our garden bench it's annual coat of paint. I've included a grainy video to show the finished article. 'Til next time.


  1. Lets hope we get the weather so you can enjoy that bench.

  2. Thanks for reading! I hope we get lots of use out of the bench too!