Sunday, 29 March 2009

An eventful week

Thank you to those of you who take the time to read this. I'm really amazed that quite frequently friends tell me that they've had a read at my blog, even if they haven't 'signed up' as a 'follower' (I don't like that word!). I appreciate the interest. Thanks.

This week Susie and I have been off work with viral infections/terrible coughs etc. I'm definitely improved, but Susie is still quite unwell and frankly shouldn't even be thinking of working this week - but, we all know Susie!

Monday and Tuesday are a bit of a blur due to illness. At one point Susie caught hold of one of our neighbours and asked her to pick up some bread rolls at the local shop as neither of us was in a fit state to drive to the shops! She was delighted to help and we were very grateful that she was willing to do it. I did venture out on Wednesday, briefly, and drove to the hospital for my six monthly check up with the MS consultant on Thursday.

The consultant is a nice fellow who comes from Cork in Ireland. I quite like him and he's interested in his patients, which is encouraging. He asked me how I was managing and chatted about medication and that was pretty much the sum of it. He did confirm that he is not able to help me very much as the particular type of MS I have doesn't respond to drugs and arranged for me to go back in a year's time although I'm free to contact him earlier if I have a problem. After that, I did drive in Glasgow and sat in Costa for a while at the window and just watched the world go by. Having an illness, I've discovered, it's helpful to go somewhere familiar, or to do something familiar (like shopping or walking down a street), to gauge how I feel in these situations and it lets me know how the illness is affecting me, if you can follow that! For example, if you're a good swimmer and you've broken you arm, when you think you've healed - get back in the water and see if you can swim in a straight line! It's only then you realise how far you've got to go (and probably how far you've come).


This week the nameplates we'd ordered for the steading arrived and we put them up. Apparently, there used to be a name for the steading and a 'private' sign - but, these mysteriously disappeared around about the time we moved here. My immediate neighbours and ourselves are from time to time in the position of having to confront drivers who want to park their cars here and go for a walk. It's like some passerby wanting to leave their car in your driveway for several hours and to top it all, didn't even ask your permission first!

It's just that our driveway is more like a large car park and apparently looks inviting! So, we went round the neighbours and got a consensus of opinion and the notices are up! The steading we live in used to be part of Easter Carbeth Farm. So, our part is now simply called 'Easter Carbeth'.

Also, here's a picture of where we live. It's lovely out here and the wildlife is just amazing. You'll see my black car adjacent to our front door.

I said in my last post that I would write about Charles G. Finney. I haven't forgotten! Watch this space.

Also, we had missionaries speaking in the Church in Glasgow last night and they were just great. If I get the chance, I'll write about them too.

'Til next time.


  1. your home is just beautiful Paul.

  2. What a beautiful setting. I may need to make a trip to Stirling on business soon...sat-nav sense of direction is diabolical!!

    The consultant experience sounds...I'm not sure of the right adjective...interesting/frustrating/unsatisfying maybe. I think I would want someone to say, "here try this, or that, and you will see fantastic results." "Just keep it and see how you get on" seems lame somehow.

    An observation about the nature of the condition rather than a critisism of the service or the consultant.

    Did the coffee shop experience highlight any specific changes, I find myself wondering?

    Tell Mrs. Sharkey that I hope that she is feeling better soon...and hoorah for kind bread roll delivering neighbours.

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Lorna, thanks for your thoughts and comments. We're both a good bit better and we're in Cornwall at the moment (we'd pre-booked this and were committed to going no matter what!). It's been a cold but sunny day and now the rain is battering off the windows!
    The coffee shope experience let's me know where I am. I find it hard to get out from having my feet under a table and one of the staff usually carries my coffee to the table as my balance isn't good. Luckily, my hands aren't affected and I can still do dentistry. I'm not unhappy, just slowing down a bit! Thanks again, and best wishes to the family. Paul